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The concept of NetWeb1 Solutions, LLC started in the spring of 1996 with founder Jamil D Shabazz. At the age of 24, he wanted the focus of this company to provide successful internet marketing to smaller businesses who could not afford the high cost of advertising. 

Throughout the years he has worked with major companies 

such as Microsoft, IBM, DELL, Avast, Apple, HP and Symantec.

During that growth period NetWeb 1 Solutions, LLC has introduced new service level offerings to share with the general public.  Services such as Personal Computer Sales / Repair, Virus Protection, System Optimization, Managed Services, Server Support, Web Development, Virtual Private Networks and General IT Consulting.

Jamil...has been involved with computers since 1992. At the age of 20 he took a job as a shipping manager at a company called the "CD-ROM Source". There he was first introduced to computers. He was fascinated by learning an entire set of encyclopedias could fit on just one CD-ROM. It was right then a shift in his career started, he was determined to find out more about Information Technology from that day forth. Thereafter in 1996 he took a job running network cable for an IBM affiliate company called "REAL Industries Solution Group". It was at this juncture that he decided to go into business for himself. He saw how larger companies would turn away the smaller business owners due that they didn't meet the "status quo" of the enterprise environment. So Jamil took it among himself to create a way for small and medium size businesses could have the same technology offered to larger companies but at a price they could afford.  Jamil holds multiple IT certifications (CompTIA A+, Security +, Networking +, Linux +, Certified Internet Web Professional, and Microsoft). He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology.  Jamil Shabazz is married and has a blended family of 7 daughters ages ranging from 24 - 15. He enjoys computers, spending time with his family, vacationing and uplifting whomever he can to help them in their career or business journey.

About Us


Jamil D. Shabazz

Jamil is owner and CEO of NetWeb1 Solutions. He has been involved in IT for over 20 years. He brings the level of knowledge and experience that clients need.

Mission, Approach, Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of our company is to provide a strong commitment to quality service, and to stand behind our product.  We are  your "one-stop-shop" computer solution provider.  Our primary goal is to provide our customers with superior service. Our concept is simple. "We are highly motivated to increase support for our dynamic growth-oriented company, through systems administration, computer development and professional Internet support. We will help clients get there!".


02. Our Approach 

Twenty years later NetWeb 1 Solutions, LLC has partnered with other Information Technology firms to increase the level of services that provide cost-effective solutions the first time around.  With our comprehensive approach to network services, we are your single source for all things IT. We are fully dedicated to service and solutions excellence. 


03. Our Plan

NetWeb1 Solutions, LLC. takes pride in finding economical solutions that small to mid-sized businesses need in order to provide the same type of services larger corporations have.  With key vendor partnerships and creative planning, we bring you an IT plan that is as unique as you are empowering you with customized solutions that will keep up with you and the demands of your business.  Our concept is very simple "We are the right solution, for the right price, the first time".